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'Mistress Of The Dark Algorithm'

Regular price$1,800.00 Sale price

'Mistress Of The Dark Algorithm'

Regular price$1,800.00 Sale price

Please allow longer waiting time for your purchase due to my personal care for each order, signing, and embellishing of prints. Me and my team do our best to proceed your order ASAP, however, it can take up to 3 weeks before shipping (usually 1 week!). If you can not wait that long consider purchasing in my Inprnt Shop or other Retailers providing high quality prints, framing options and more. Thank you so much for your patience and support.

Shipping and Terms

Orders are shipped from Russia worldwide. Each one is carefully packaged to ensure your product arrives in perfect condition. Shipping charges do not include the destination country’s duty, tax, or customs fees. If applicable, these will be assessed upon delivery.

Shipping terms varies according to your location and other conditions like customs delays etc. It usually takes 2-5 weeks to arrive in most parts of the world. Estimated delivery times are not guarantees and items will sometimes get tied up in customs. Express shipping method is also available.

If the package is unclaimed, there's nothing to worry about as it will be returned to us and we'll be in contact ASAP with the next steps. 


You can track your order here. Sometimes it is possible to glean more information on an international package’s whereabouts by tracking it via a foreign delivery agent.

If you haven't received the tracking after 3 weeks please check your spam folder in case it got there or contact at

Although all of my prints are printed using highest quality archival materials and equipment, due to of its dense nature, ink is prone to show fingerprints and potentially scuff. In order to keep the print in pristine condition, try not to remove the print from its sleeve or package until you are ready to frame it. Please wear gloves and be very careful to only handle the edges and avoid touching the ink on the surface. To best re-flatten the print after being shipped in the tube, first find a clean, flat surface. Gently unroll your print, and be sure to keep it completely covered by its sleeve or packaging paper. Carefully place a board or a large book over the entire surface and be mindful not to catch the edges or corners. Let it sit for 24 hours. If after that time the print is still slightly curled, leave it for an additional day. At this point it should be flat enough to frame with ease.

As always, the sunlight has powerful UV forces that can fade an image no matter it’s archival quality. It’s best to avoid hanging your framed image in direct sunlight. If you’d like extra protection, consider framing it with UV protected glass or plexi.

Voila! Now enjoy your print for years to come!

For more information please read FAQs.

For any other questions, business offers and special requests do not hesitate to contact or email at

"Any sufficiently advanced magic is indistinguishable from technology." - The piece was created for a cover of incredible sci-fi book "Harvard Necromancer" by Alexander Panchin.

Original Painting.

Acrylic on wooden panel 16x24".

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