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Each commissioned piece is created from heart, with a great attention to details and in my authentic aesthetics 💜

Order includes:

Physical artwork and/or Digital file of high resolution (depends on a particular order), a Certificate of Authenticity. Shipping costs if applied are calculated additionally according to your location and preferred delivery method. Paintings over 60 cm /24” long will be shipped unmounted in a roll for safety reasons.


30x40 cm / 12x16 in from $800 from $1300
45x60 cm / 18x24 in from $1500 from $2000
60x80 cm / 24x31.5 in from $2400 from $3000
80x100 cm / 31.5x39 in from $3400 from $4000
DIGITAL ARTWORK from $600 from $900

The final price varies depending on the complexity, urgency and amount of requirements for the piece.

Terms and Additional Info:

  • Terms depend on the amount of work and start from 2 months (usually do not exceed 4 months).
  • Each work is unique, original, and never re-released.
  • Exclusive license applies to any reproductions of the commissioned piece. All copyrights retained by the artist.
  • All sizes listed are approximate, the artwork could be smaller or bigger and of any ratio.
  • The payments accepted via PayPal or Stripe, and can be either prepaid in full or split in 2 parts (1st before the work is started and 2nd before it is sent out).

Thank you so much for your interest! Let me know if you have any questions.