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Curriculum Vitae


All is illusionary: Interview. BEAUTIFUL BIZARRE MAGAZINE, Natalia Joruk.

Get to Know Tanya Shatseva. The People’s Print Shop.

Tanya Shatseva's Circle of Hell. Memento Tea Gallery

Into the Mind of Tanya Shatseva: Interview. BEAUTIFUL BIZARRE MAGAZINE, Natalia Fedoruk.

Impressive Timelapse of Tanya Shatseva’s Large-Scale Piece, "Self-Crowned", Society6 Blog.

Interview for Sobaka.Ru, A. Malyutina.

Tanya Shatseva: Gorgeous Time-lapse Painting. NUVANGO, Daisy Qin .

From Russia With Love: An Interview with Tanya Shatseva. Jason Markow, DERBBYART.



Suggestivism: Resonance. 2018

Join the Tribe feature in Beautiful Bizarre Magazine - Issue 021 | June 2018

Society6 Art Quarterly No.2.2 2017

Tat2Magazine. Issue #22 May 2015

Meows & Roars of Inspiration: The Cat Art Project 2015.


2019 (September) "Centuries Decay", Memento Tea Gallery

2018 (July) "Suggestivism" Show at Spoke Art Gallery, New York.

2018 (March) VENUS at La Bodega Gallery, San Diego.

2018 (March) Nou-Surrealism at Future Gallery, Lake Orion

2017 (November) Instacollective at Geneyclee Gallery, Hong Kong.

2017 (September) CHANCELARIA at Artmusa Gallery, Saint Petersburg.

2017 (June) "Potions, Spells & Magic" at Penumbra Art Gallery.

2017 (March) "Wings of Lore" at Alexi Era Gallery.

2016 (September) "Just Carbon" at Sally Centigrade Galllery, Denver.


Paintings are held in private collections in Russia, United States, Germany, Netherlands, France, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and other.