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General Information

When will my order get shipped?
Most orders ship in 1 week. However, in some cases it can take up to 3-4 weeks before shipping due to my personal care for each order, signing, and embellishing of prints. Please allow a longer waiting time. You can find more info in Shipping Policy.
Can I track my order?
Yes, each order is shipped with a tracking number. You can track your order here. If your shipping status doesn't update for more than 3 weeks please contact including your order #.
Are prints signed by Eva Gamayun?
Yes! All prints offered on this site are hand-signed and artist-approved. Limited edition prints are both signed and numbered.
Can I modify or cancel my order?
Sure, please contact me as soon as possible. The following changes can be made to your order if it has not shipped yet. For other cases read the Return policy.
Can I order an Embellished print after the Limited Edition is closed?
Unfortunately no, all Limited Edition Prints will never be re-released.
All new releases are always pre-announced via my Instagram, Patreon, Newsletter and other social media.
Can I commission a piece?
I rarely offer commissions due to the abundance of ongoing art work. However, feel free to send me the description of the desired piece and I will get back with more info. Please note that prices start at $900 and the minimum waiting time is 2 months.
Can I share your work on my blog/ website/ magazine?
Of course! I`m honored to be featured on your blogs, art pages or websites. Please make sure to credit me as the author and link these images to my website/social media.
Can I get a permission to use your art for a music album / book cover?
Please send the example of your music or details about your book and the work you are interested in for more info and costs.


  1. Where is Eva Gamayun based?
    I am currently residing in beautiful Saint Petersburg, Russia. Orders are being shipped from here as well.
  2. Can I get a tattoo based on your art?
    Sure, no need to request a permission. Please send me a photo when it’s done or tag your post with @EvaGamayun on social.
  3. Do you post tutorials or videos of your process?
    I show my process in short videos on my YouTube channel aiming to inspire rather than teach. I believe that inspiration is way healthier and productive than popular tutorials which could be even dangerous for your art. I also post longer videos, step-by-steps and progress shots on my Patreon page.
  4. Which material do you use for traditional painting?
    I paint mostly with acrylics - Golden, Amsterdam and Schmincke, or acrylagouache by Holbein. As for mediums, my favorite ones are patience and tears, also soft acrylic gels, structuring paste and pouring medium.
  5. Can I ask you a few questions for my school project?
    Thank you for choosing me for your project! I believe you can find all the possible information in About section, Interviews and Gallery captions. Good luck!
  6. Have you changed your name?
    Yes, I used to be Tanya Shatseva previously. More about the reasons in my Instagram post.
  7. How can I keep abreast of new releases?
    Just follow me on Instagram or become a patron on Patreon for early previews of all available originals, auctions, limited prints releases, discounts and more. You can also sign up to my Newsletter.

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