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Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I get a permission to use your art for a music album/book cover?

Please send the example of your music or details about your book and the work you are interested in for more info and costs.

Can I get a tattoo based on your art?

Sure, no need to request a permission. Please send me a photo when it’s done or tag your post with @EvaGamayun on social.

Can I share your work on my blog/ website/ magazine?

Of course! I'm honored to be featured on your blogs, art pages or websites. Please make sure to credit me as the author and link these images to my website/social media.

Please note that any editing or adding text on the image is not allowed. Thank you!

Can I commission a piece?

I rarely offer commissions due to the abundance of ongoing art work. However, please feel free to send the description of the desired piece, and I will get back to you with possibility and options shortly.

Please note that prices start at $900 (USD) and the minimum waiting time is 1.5 months.

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